Ryan Zink

Ryan M. Zink

I started my career in 1996 working in entry-level IT and accounting roles with Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon while earning my undergraduate degree in business administration.  After putting in time as a public accountant with KPMG, I decided to re-enter the restaurant business with Fox & Hound as Manager of Accounting and IT.  With expertise in both fields,  I was able to develop both departments and provide leadership as the Company grew, both organically and through acquisitions, from fewer than 40 restaurants and revenues of less than $80 million in 2001 to its current size with two concepts nearly 130 restaurants.  In 2008 I was promoted to Vice President, and as one of the younger members of the senior management team I bring a unique perspective to the group.

My newest venture is a project that was inspired by my membership in the Wichita Whisk(e)y Club.  Chocolate Malts, a business I created with my wife Sarah in 2010, is an expression of my passion for single malt scotch whiskey.  Creating the perfect fusion of whiskey and cocoa, we create chocolate truffles to-order in true artisan fashion.

A lover of the outdoors, I break down the pressure of an active professional career by sailing on the windy lake Cheney just east of Wichita, playing tennis in the blistering Kansas sun in the summer, and making annual trips to Rocky Mountain National Park in my quest to summit all of the peaks in the Park.  Because my wife Sarah does not share the same passion for these activities, I am hopeful that when my daughters are older they will share my interest in these hobbies.

I have always taken an interest in the financial markets and have actively traded stocks and options since I was 18 years old.  Not all years have been equally successful, and I have learned that a good gut instinct is as important in playing the role of an active investor as anything.  A formal education in accounting and economics has given me tools to analyze the business landscape and to synthesize numerical and narrative data along with intuition.

Ryan Zink, investor, technologist, analyst, entrepreneur, is Vice President of Finance for F&H Acquisition Corp., a restaurant management company with annual revenues of $350 million. Ryan is also the owner of the startup business Chocolate Malts LLC and an active investor in equity and equity-derivatives markets.  Husband of ten years and father of two daughters, the challenges of life are demanding, exciting, and ever-changing.

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